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Slandering is not helpful

Voting for delegates that promote war monger Romney, and by at least one ‘delegate’ candidate who had previously even announced contributions to Romney’s campaign at a state committee, was a mockery of everything that Ron Paul stands for.

I would be very surprised and disappointed if Ron Paul instructed anyone to not at least consider, if not follow, their conscience, quite the contrary to what the campaign staff is instructing people to do. This is a far cry from lying and cheating.

From the beginning of organizing delegates in Massachusetts, as I helped do, I made it clear at every opportunity that making a blanket pledge to Romney was wrong and went against the fundamentals of Paul’s domestic and foreign policy messages. The directions from the campaign were quite the opposite-promote Romney and be prepared to vote for him in Tampa. It was, and is, a repugnant message.

As you know not all the Mass delegates/alternates who won are going to Tampa-some because of the refusal to sign the official pledge.

If there is any question of character faults in the Mass delegate process it lies with those who led Ron Paul supporters to vote at caucuses while themselves believing and promoting the idea that Ron Paul would not be nominated. Spin it anyway and you want but RP voters did not attend the caucuses to have delegates go to Tampa and vote for Romney who stands for everything that Ron Paul opposes. No one would have attended the caucuses for Ron Paul if an "honest" message, that they were really there for Romney, were given.

Justin Raimondo explains well the problems facing the Ron Paul movement and why the campaign’s jumping into bed with Romney is counterproductive.