Comment: CRU, Robby Wells Co-Opt Attempt of Ron Paul Revolution

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CRU, Robby Wells Co-Opt Attempt of Ron Paul Revolution

Dr. K. gave me permission to quote him.

I can tell you that he and his crew have contacted young, naive Ron Paul supporters, asking them to consider his campaign.

They have asked their participation in fund-raising.

They have solicited their help directly.

They are copying Dr. Paul's platform.

They are pro-war.

They claimed, initially, to have contacted nearly 600 of the delegates, presumably Santorum and Romney, trying to bring them on board based upon Christian fundamentalism away from Romney.

They are angry that Romney refuses to answer questions about gay marriage, abortion, and similar issues.

They want to undermine Romney, is their claim, but, secretly, they wish to stall an RP presidency.

Robby Wells told me himself he would be happy if RP became his VP and would offer that position (of all things!!!!)

That's what I know from direct contact with them and an RP person who was considering helping them.

Dr. K.


Robby Wells is not a Republican. So in his' "Plan B" he wants Ron Paul and the Conservative Republican Union delegates to vote for a rule change in the RNC that would place his name into nomination. Then as a presidential nominee his first pick for VP would be Ron Paul. Based on their mission statement I do not believe the CRU wants Ron Paul as VP. The CRU vehemently opposes Constitutional Republican Libertarians in the GOP.

Hmmmmm, I wonder who he and the CRU have in mind for another pick? Seems to me a pro-war neocon is more to their liking.

IMHO, Robby Wells is running against Ron Paul. I agree with Dr. K that the CRU "secretly wish to stall an RP presidency". Robby Wells in 2012 had presidential nominee runs in the Reform Party and Constitutional Party. Now he is trying out the GOP. I suggest that people who consider supporting Wells talk to his ex supporters before they contribute to his campaign.

The Ron Paul revolution will succeed. The Robby Wells and CRUs will not stop it.