Comment: It wasn't the country that wrote those words.

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It wasn't the country that wrote those words.

There were men who wrote those words, and they were eager to gain the support of their contemporaries. The language used was rousing even back in their time. Imagine the audacity for those who fancied themselves the ruling class to declare that those they sought to rule were actually the equal of themselves. Try to imagine the swelling of pride within the common man when he heard such words from those who were in charge. The language was chosen deliberately. Now try to realize that them men who wrote it had a much, much, MUCH different definition for 'man' than you do today. And try to realize that the men who wrote that didn't really believe that all 'men' were equal in the sense that you and I might. Each 'man', in the eyes of those who wrote the Declaration, had the chance to grab for the ring & to be part of government. If all men are equal, how does being a politician make those men greater than all the others? If all men are equal, why are those who are not politicians subjected to the rule of those who are?

Flowery speech is great to inspire people. It's especially useful to hide the truth in plain sight.