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Comment: I'm against the thought police

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I'm against the thought police

Despite its owner's personal beliefs about marriage, ChickFila doesn't discriminate against homosexuals in any way. Thus, ChickFila hasn't DONE anything wrong. But that's not good enough for some people. They just can't allow someone to have a belief that differs from their they started using the media to bully ChickFila. So people started fighting this bullying with their wallet...a very American battle tactic.

Personally, I don't have a problem with homosexuals and I'm not Christian, but I did fight the thought police/media bullies by buying from ChickFila.

ChickFila has helped members of my family through jobs, mentorships, scholarship, community programs, etc. Every time I eat there, they have superior courteous service. They really have a great business culture that improves every neighborhood they are in.

I will not stand by idly as this great organization gets unfairly bullied. Buying a good chicken sandwich from a friendly teen is the least I can do.