Comment: I LOVE math, but most adv math is useless for 99% of jobs

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I LOVE math, but most adv math is useless for 99% of jobs

The time I spent on advanced math like calculus, trig, linear algebra, etc. would have been much better spent on cooking, agriculture, real history, political science, home economics, public speaking, debating, etc.

Heck, just PE would have been better. You can just apply these things to life much better.

However, everyone needs exposure to basic to medium algebra because it is used in nearly every profession. Geometry, physics, finance, agriculture, architecture, programming, etc. all use various algebraic formulas.

All college folk should have one advanced math theory class that exposes them to what calculus, trig, linear algebra, etc. is. But don't make them take several classes devoted to solving non-applicable math progrems. On the other hand, engineers, programmers, etc. should have access to adv math classes.

But for jr high and high school:
1) A solid algebraic education, but not crazy advanced.
2) Make them apply algebra to formulas used in professions. We already do this well for geometry and science...just expand it to finance, economics, agriculture, programming, etc. Call it Professional Algebra.

I'm considering becoming a math teacher and there is no way I'd waste time teaching Calculus and Adv Algebra.