Comment: Going by the author's logic...

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Going by the author's logic...

we should get rid of history classes because kids think it's boring and many do poorly in the subject.

Let's get rid of English and Grammar classes too, because whatever kids are speaking these days, it certainly isn't English anyway.

Physics is pretty hard too. Scrap that.

Philosophy is just big words and long, confusing, run-on sentences. Scrap it.

Lunch time? Well, some kids struggle with weight. Scrap lunch time. Ooh! Ooh! Phys Ed, too.

The only class we need is America Is Great 101, where we learn that our elected leaders have our best interests at heart and that going to college is worth the money.

Because of course we can't just abolish public education and let parents and children decide for themselves what they want to learn and where they can excel. That's barbarism. Think of the children!

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