Comment: We got trouble! Right hree in a Missouri city. Growing trouble!

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We got trouble! Right hree in a Missouri city. Growing trouble!

Growing pains for the town council of Ferguson, Missouri.

Ferguson, Missouri, USA Sunday, August 5, 2012.

"You can only retain freedoms if you act to preserve them." - Karl Tricamo, Vegetable growing outlaw, 2012

Stay-at-home dad Karl Tricamo was a...unsuspecting gardener just going about his favorite hobby and following the rules. He loves to garden with his 55 heirlooms and dislikes GMOs and pesticides.

But, like so many others now, he was pushed around and literally stalked by "Code Enforcers" out to aggressively eradicate any "nuisance" that doesn't match the rest of their desired Stepford neighborhood. This is after he, also like many targeted for garden deconstruction, painstakingly followed the rules.

“I just thought it would be an excellent way to help provide for my family,” he said. “People have been gardening since the beginning of human civilization, and the First Lady has even been setting an example by gardening at the White House! I never expected it to be so controversial.” [Actually, food gardening one of the first defining elements of civilization.]

City officials in Ferguson, Missouri do not care if someone is trying to feed his family on his turf; so they literally cited Tricamo's landlord with 'Failure to meet the minimum standards of the City of Ferguson exterior appearance code.' ...

... the board sent a letter to Tricamo and all nearby residents saying:

    The owner of 309 [redacted street] wishes to utilize his property, currently zoned R-1D, for agricultural purposes by planting tall crops which will cover the entire front yard of the property. City Staff has determined that such use is not allowed within that zoning district under Chapter 49, the Zoning Ordinance for the City of Ferguson and, otherwise, constitutes a nuisance. The owner appeals that determination.

City officials changed their citings a lot, and really never could give Tricamo an actual code that prohibited a garden, especially since the ordinances specifically allow for vegetation, with no height requirements. So they obnoxiously tried to paint his yard into a large-scale commercial farm saying he needs permission to engage in "agriculture!" ...

Tricamo and his landlord, Jesse Brandt, were represented by Libertarian attorney Dave Roland of Freedom Center of Missouri ... constitutional rights with supporting evidence that there were no code violations. Neighbors and family pitched in their support at the board meeting.

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