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My group considered it

My group thought about doing this. Well for a minute anyway.

We have a ton of A/V lighting and stage production gear (anything and everything you could possibly think of), a box truck, a RV , and a large military tent w/air condition. We were thinking we'd find good use for it down there. The boss was trying to line something up with Ron Paul Radio and Wounded Warriors or something. But that fell through. So we thought about other things we could do, and one idea was a daytime "check the Daily Paul wifi lounge" and at night "the Nightly Paul dance party". BUT now that the campaign is stepping up to the plate and financially assisting their delegates to the convention, we've decided to cancel our trip to Tampa altogether.

None of the 6 of us are delegates or alternates, and if our absence isn't going to have a negative effect on the capability of some delegates to attend the convention, then there really is no need for us to spend money that could be put to use in other projects. The primary reason for us going to begin with was the more people who attend, the more discounts for delegates. Now that the campaign is gonna take care of all that stuff, the 6 of us are going to save about $10k in combined expenses that will instead be used to support other projects in the liberty movement.