Comment: The ONLY ONE thing that NASA does that free markets can't do is:

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The ONLY ONE thing that NASA does that free markets can't do is:

to spend my voluntary donations in the form of taxes without my consent and without any limits. Generally, the amount of money spent per year by NASA bureaucrats depends entirely on the budget that is allocated to NASA by other bureaucrats.

I admire seeing a rocket carrying a space shuttle, but that does not mean that the rocket and the space shuttle should have been created at the tax payers expense.

And of course, here comes the time for the example, which even the President used recently, that the government created the Internet. Although this is true, the free market took over a small segment of ARPANET and by 1989 nobody even noticed that the program ARPANET expired.

Government programs created the ARPANET, as well as inefficient programs (subsidies for Internet in rural areas, etc.), favoritism as to who will "win" the contracts, abuse of tax payer funds, control and regulations and attempts to silence those who pay for the Internet (SOPA, PIPA, etc.).

And all the success stories of the Internet are associated with the free market.

So the argument that government can outdo the free market in the things that matter is null and void for anyone willing to THINK and dive a bit under the surface of mass propaganda.