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I'll ask you a question

What if you were asked to do a crazy job for crazy people and there was nothing in it for you but knowing that these crazy people would be better off if you did this job than if you didn't?

What if you had already tried to talk these crazy people out of doing something crazy but you and they knew they are gonna do it anyways?

And what if you really knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that things would be better with you there rather than you not being there?

And what if by doing so, if things went wrong, all people would know your name and blame you for it and your rep be trash forever among the people that you care most about? When you could just as easily mind your own business and nobody know your name?

In a sense, that's what security is. It's not a condition so much as an attempt or a promise. No matter how hard we think and how many scenarios we try to account for to keep people safe, something can always happen. A bigazz rock could fall from the sky and land right on our heads and there ain't that much we can do about it. There's some things we can plan FOR or AROUND but little we can do about. What if a really huge lighting storm happens and we got a stage with all these metal gantries up in the air. We can't stop the lightning with our normal powers, we might just have to get everybody away from that stage and let lightning do it's thing. I'll tell you that and I'm the great elder Smudge Pot who is supposed to be able to talk to wind and water and lighting and trees and stuff. Ok so when I say the lightning is to be feared, believe me, it told me so. Lighting sees our microwaves and says "I can fry a chicken way faster, watch this".

This one is truly one of those yes or no questions in life: will you, do you feel called to try to protect and serve your brothers and sisters in a very direct and hands-on way?

Do you wish to have the opportunity to assist our elderlies to have wheelchairs and make sure they are parked in shade and have enough water to drink?

Do you wish to distinguish yourself by keeping the eyes of the hawks on our children as they play along a pond and run after ducks or be near campfires at night?

Do you wish to be something good that happens when something bad happens? Do you feel motivated to prevent bad things from happening before they happen? Have you ever felt like you have so much to give a people in terms of love, fidelity, protection and honor but boring old life never gave you a chance to show that you can and you will and you are made for it?

I know many of you have. And though this job might seem like a day at Disney or a useless party, this is an opportunity to serve. Remember this always: those who cannot be trusted with small things cannot be trusted with large. And this event is not exactly a small thing. This is the real thing. This is not a dress rehearsal. There's no second chance. If something goes wrong we have to stop it and make it better no matter what it is. From the very smallest bug bite to our very worst nightmare, we are charged to come up with an answer. We stop it from getting worse and we start making it better. And that's a promise we make to each other and our people and our movement and our nation.

I'll save the whole story for another time but when I took my first orders, I was not commanded to make everything perfect. The orders kept coming and coming, listing off the needs of the people one after another, building high like a mountain that is so tall you can't see the top, it gets lost in the clouds but we were not commanded to make everything perfect, we were ordered to try. Where the people are cold, we will try to warm them up, where the people are sad we will try to cheer them, where the people are hungry we will try to find them something to eat, where the people are sick we will try to heal them, where the people are frightened we will try to reassure them and where the people are threatened we will try to defend them and on and on and on to where you start to be like seriously? I mean really? Ok can we just start with what's NOT our problem and kinda work en-reducto and save sime time here?

In short, whatever the needs of the people, we will try to provide for them and this is what it means to be a bearer of the burden of peace. Thing is, all we have to do is try. It kinda takes the guilt and judgement thing off it. And now might not exactly be the time to indicate lack of self confidence but this teaching kinda accepts that we'll make mistakes.

OK I'll level with you. There hasn't been a single mass gathering of our movement yet that didn't have a few mistakes in there. And yes there is an aspect of showmanship where we think fast on our feet and kinda play it off to where almost nobody notices but we do. Communication and honesty are key when something goes boink and as a team, we all share the responsibility.

So there you go. I know this appeals to some of you young people. You might have an interest in police or EMS or military or you might just be the kind of person that wants to know how to handle a lot of different situations to be more self-reliant. You might be the little wimpy kid in school that got picked on like I was at one point. Young person, I don't care if your haircut looks like Briggs and Stratton did it and painted your toenails pink and put more metal in your mouth than we use to fence in cattle. If your heart is in the right place, you got one in this process. This is your future. We're just gonna show you a thing or two about how it works.

For Liberty!

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.