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Comment: im not optimistic...

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im not optimistic...

the videos linked above are all almost 2 months old! the most recent thing i have seen come out of Lawyers 4 Ron Paul is this video:

Gilbert and them dont exactly ooze credibility, although im certainly sympathetic to their rhetoric. It makes no sense to combat election fraud with the unbinding of delegates. Who the hell cares whether or not the delegates are bound, if Romney & the GOP kick Paul delegates out of the convention!?

Ron Paul and the campaign had be out in front of all this fraud and coercion if they hoped to do anything about it (and even then, there's probably not much they could have done). Im glad to hear that the campaign is challenging the GOP in MA, OR, and LA. After all that Corrupt 'Ole Party has done to disrespect us, there's no way Im voting for their nominee.

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