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When You Have Truth and Integrity

...on your side you never have to lie or embellish.

That is why you never hear of Ron Paul doing that. Only "untruth" requires lies and embellishing. It is always a flag that something is not as it is being presented.

And, IMO if they are going to have as many people as they say they are going to have at Gary Fest...with three days of speeches by people who will get out of their air conditioned some hands and then get back into their air conditioned cars.... while everyone else listens in between to mostly metal rock and parties in blistering heat for long hours...they better have more than a few volunteer paramedics. They better have misters and a cool-down place and lots of medical supplies. That is just what you do for a three-day concert venue and it usually is a front-end, not last minute endeavor. They should ask the Libertaarian Party sponsor for whatever it takes to do it right. After all, it is their party.