Comment: The realistic and objective view

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The realistic and objective view

I have long been an advocate of the realistic and objective view of our performance. I'm a detractor to those who think we can win by sending out good vibes, or by simply being positive. I think many DP'ers do not often enough employ the objectivism that Ayn Rand often talked about.

Ron Paul is likely not going to be the next President. What next? We move on to the next phaze by getting hundreds of Ron Paul supporters elected at the local, county, and state level, in each state. Ron Paul showed us how we can win prominence within the parties at the local level and we have had some sporatic success at that. Ron Pauls strategy of working within the GOP is not a failure. It's simply like he's pointed out before. "It took decades to get into this mess and it will take decades to get out of it." It will take a long time for our ideas to permeate through the GOP. A single election cannot undo 40+ years of damage, even if Ron Paul won.

If you think any of that is insult worthy, you are in the wrong. We are not collectivists, or conformists. I am under no obligation to espouse a majoritarian DP view that I happen to not be in agreement with. That does not mean I am giving up, or that I am a troll. It simply means I accept the following truths to be self evident:

We will not have 1147 delegates.
The GOP will cheat, assault, and steal, to keep us from winning.

Here's what I can do, that is within my current ability:

I support Clint Didier for Lands Commissioner. Clint respects liberty and property rights, and opposes Agenda 21. Baumgardner is running for Senate, and I saw him a couple of times at the Ron Paul HQ in Bellevue, Wa., and I liked what he had to say. Hadian gave an excellent pro-Constitution/Pro-Liberty speech at the Snohomish County GOP convention. I think he'd make a great governor. I voted for those 3 on my primary ballot. I'm letting people know.

In closing, I believe that finding out who to support at the state and local level is the way forward now. As Starbuck says, "Fight 'em until we can't." So for those delegates going to Tampa, thank you for taking the fight to the enemy in their own house, while facing superior numbers. I am not going, so I will fight on locally, and in other ways.