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"All along, everyone involved

"All along, everyone involved in the process knew, or should have known, that the winning delegates in the caucuses, no matter who their preferred candidate was, would be voting for Romney in Tampa."

No. Most, if not all, RP caucus voters would not have attended if they believed they were effectively voting for Romney delegates.

"There was obviously a hope for the voters there that Ron Paul would do well enough in other future primaries to gain enough delegates to stop Romney from reaching 1144, thus leading to a 2nd round of voting, in which these MA delegates could vote for Ron Paul."

More than that. At the time of the caucus there was a belief based on Ron Paul's statements that he would fight for the nomination right up to the convention. It was on this basis that most attended the caucuses.

"Don't blame the delegates for following the rules they agreed to (and to which there was not an option of not agreeing)."

Not doing that so much as pointing out they should at least examine their conscience when they do vote and criticizing the promotion of Romney instead of making it clear they are holding their noses if they do vote for him.

"And don't pretend that Ron Paul is trying to get delegates to break the rules but that he has lost control of his campaign staff who have sold out to Romney."

I don't know the answer to that for certain but I don't believe Ron Paul would encourage people to break the rules (unless the rules were ruled invalid) or that he would tell people to place their consciences on a shelf. Of the two apparent options, an incompetent manager being taken advantage of by his staff or a behind the scenes manipulator who has no problem supporting a man who stands for everything he opposes, I can only hope it is the former.