Comment: It's so sad that

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It's so sad that

they are looking for people so mentally weak from loneliness that they would actually believe someone who leaves their number on a public youtube comment wants to connect with them. It's trolling for people at their lowest to manipulate them even lower. The lack of compassion for the mentally fragile that this process relies on is heart-wrenching.

And another sad thing is the agents (just starting out) doing this to people probably think they are just getting there first before some "real terrorist" manipulates them. No, the world is not just crawling with people so low that they will spend months manipulating the mentally ill into hurting people and years before that learning how to do it. If the person the agents are looking for doesn't encounter a state agent in that moment he's at his lowest, odds are he will encountered someone more compassionate who will encourage him toward health.


Of course, the other goal is to ask someone who has un-happy political beliefs if someone has left such a comment so he'll say "no" and they can at least open up a "lying to the state" case against him.


There really is only one entity in either scenario who is the source of harm to people.

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