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No. Most, if not all, RP

No. Most, if not all, RP caucus voters would not have attended if they believed they were effectively voting for Romney delegates.

Anyone who was nominated had to be nominated as a Romney delegate. It was in the caucus administration script. Those who voted were given notice that they were voting for a Romney delegate. Whether or not some people understood this before arriving at the caucus is debatable. However, those who did understand it still went because a liberty-minded Romney delegate could become a Paul delegate on the second round of voting. A liberty-minded delegate could also get onto a committee and is not bound on the VP vote. Finally, a liberty-minded delegate will have opportunities to speak to the press to promote liberty-minded issues.

More than that. At the time of the caucus there was a belief based on Ron Paul's statements that he would fight for the nomination right up to the convention. It was on this basis that most attended the caucuses.

Paul is still fighting for the nomination. Stop spreading lies about him. Filing the challenges is fighting for the nomination. Helping his delegates get to Tampa is fighting for the nomination. Has he released his delegates and dropped out? No. He's trying to get them there and get them seated.

However, he is smart enough to recognize he do doesn't have a chance at winning unless Romney drops out.

Finally, your last paragraph sets up a false dichotomy. Telling your people to get involved but to follow the rules doesn't necessarily mean you're an incompetent manager or a behind the scenes manipulator supporting your ideological opposite.

I asked this before but you didn't answer: Do you pay taxes (which fund wars that kill innocent children)?