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Thanks Teacher

"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."

Your help sends me on thinking binges, and in that you are in the group of authors of all the books I have read intently because those authors had messages for my ears.

Just this morning, making tea, not sleeping in late, an early start that just happened to start early, I thought about many examples of my cowardice, so vexing to me, so damning to me, so much not what I strive to be, cowardice to me is absolutely disgusting, and I don't like using the word absolutely, since it has become such a misused word.

Having these examples of me cowering down, one of very few white kids in an all black school, the new white trash kid in a all white suburban neighborhood, the powerless individual stripped bare without the many brothers that had always surrounded him, and he exemplified a coward at times, but not always, there was a spark of will power to improve from that lowly bottom of human existence.

So my thinking got to a point of this concept of an all knowing God making me this way so as to prepare me for something as yet to be done. I do not want to be a coward again, I do not want to be like a deer stuck in the headlights, not again, helplessness is damning to me, it will destroy my capacity for life, and I have no doubts about this fact.

Along those lines I can also count many, very many, close to death events I've passed casually by, the list is long, and at some point I've picked up the notion that I'm being kept alive for some reason.

Well, now there are 2 more lives standing on earth, and standing for something, supposedly my children, they certainly look like me, I am certainly the one who passed on the genetic messages, so that is the reason, sure, I get that much. I've done my part in the cycle of life on this small planet in the immensely vast known and unknown universe.

What about this drive to know better, and then this drive to accurately communicate what I have learned and to offer possible methods by which very serious dangers can be avoided?

What is all that about, and does it pay well?

Can I make it scarce so I can jack up the price I charge for it? Can I crush the competition so that no one else muscles in on my territory? Can I fool the victims into thinking they need my products?

No, the answer is no, this isn't the stuff of capitalism.

This is the stuff of human survival, longer than my sorry example can exist in human form.

Why bother?

What stands in between the criminals and the victims in any way at all?

Why question authority at all?

Is it a fools errand? Is it the stuff of Don Quixote?

What if it is not? What if bad people are moving in, gaining power, and threatening not only my poor behind, but many countless innocent victims living now and not yet in their sights?

Here I have not cowered down, and here I may be heading into a very serious situation that will require all the power I have to get through the pending situation on this right path (as right as I can imagine so far), on the path that does not freeze me in the headlights, whereby very bad things are done to very many innocent people, or, I can just confess, yea, I've been had, it was all a cruel joke, there is no danger, there is no torture on my dime, there is no mass murder on my dime either - nevermind.

Then I read this:

"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."

What if I am not born again because I will not be a peacemaker. Here is troubling waters since I am so far convinced that pacifism is dead wrong, as pacifism makes the victims weaker, and pacifism allows the criminals to gain way too much power, and all that evil requires to grow, and destroy life, is for good people to do nothing to keep the criminals off the victims.

Sure, sure, if everyone were good, and everyone were pacifists, and everyone did listen to whatever does cause them to be born again, all at once, everyone without exception, if that happens, there is no evil, there is no willful resort to deceit upon the innocent which is meant to cause the innocent injury, no threats of violence, and no violence willfully perpetrated upon the innocent anywhere, but what if one person remains as the last evil one?

Can the last evil one then kill everyone else because everyone else is absolutely defenseless?

Can the last evil one enslave everyone else?

Can the one evil one fool one more person and incorporate one more person into perpetrating willful crime which is now organized crime since one plus one does equal two?

Can the one organized crime group then fool even more people into believing in the necessity of paying those criminals for protection?

How soon before the one last evil person among all those pacifists retake control of Liberty and then they destroy the earth? 2000 years? Does it take 2000 years for the evil one to gain currency sufficient to destroy all human life on Earth when no one stands in between the criminals and the victims?

On the subject of the Monopoly game, if you are willing to try a learning experiment, just for fun, see what happens if the youngest player, or the weakest player (Jeff?), is given the power to pay himself whatever he wants anytime he wants during his turn, or even during anyone's turn, in that game.

You play a version of Monopoly whereby one player has an unlimited supply of money, he can even write a check on toilet paper, written in crayon, with 1 and 13 zeros, if he wants to win sooner.

You can call it the Federal Reserve Rule, just for laughs.

The Federal Reserve player, there can only be one, can laugh all the way to his bank, and the rest of the players can be tied to their honorable system of mutual banking rules at their, not-for-profit, public bank.

You could even play a version where the money used in the game is the money any player invents based upon their potential to generate a profit, and you could call that the Equitable Commerce Monopoly Version, allow a player to add other paths, other squares, inventive new places to go, where everyone isn't following the same orbit, over and over again on the same ground, taxing each other for their existence, making them pay merely for being alive. Boardwalk and Park Place are fine places to go, voluntarily, but a choice to go around isn't allowed, in monopoly, so a player in Equitable Commerce can invent a path around those money pits if a player can't afford the "luxury".

"a foolish or worthless form of self-indulgence"

You will indulge, or else!

There is no "or else" in The Monopoly Game.

Thanks, I may have a use for that one.

"buyer beware"

caveat emptor

"A provision of Roman law which gave the seller of a house the legal right to keep quiet about any defects of a house which he was selling."


"Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts"

I looked at your link on The Founding Fathers and when I saw the name John Adams mentioned I smelled a rat, and I see no reason to waste my time at that site.

John Adams was one of the counterfeit Founding Fathers, in deed, and as far as I've read in word too.

A most famous Deed:

"These laws were designed to silence and weaken the Democratic-Republican Party."

[The Federalists clashed frequently with Democratic-Republicans who disagreed sharply with what they regarded as a philosophy of "huge public debt, a standing army, high taxes, and government-subsidized monopolies"]

"I suppose I am a coward because I want Dr. Paul to fix it."

If you say so, but in my opinion the cowards make a deal with the devil, in their own minds, they tolerate the lie that says that they will not question authority, but this is a lie, this is an "excuse", it is false, but they "believe" that lie saying "yes, master" here is the money you demanded, "no, master" I will not question the order to work harder and pay more, and from that lie there will be two more to cover it, and four more to cover those two, and before long the person is duplicitous, having lost the power to know better, having actually woven such a tangled web of deceit in their own mind: no longer having the power to escape. They believe their own lies, or they can no longer accurately discern the difference between the lies they are believing today from the opposite lies they were believing yesterday.

Fear does that, as fear inspires rationalization, escape, invention of false reality, cover stories, etc.

Instead of an animated contest of freedom where the goal is to know the worst of it and provide for it, the soul is sent (willingly or unwillingly) on a path that decides to accept external authority, reading orders, and following those orders without question, but it is a lie, there will always be questions, and the power to ask the right ones will evaporate, and the questions that will be asked will narrow down to a few dominant lies, such as the choice between the lesser of two evils.

That is called depression, if English can convey accurate meaning, as a person may be suffering physically, depressed due to bad diet, lack of exercise, chemical imbalance, or depressed psychologically, traumatic experiences, or in this case, very bad decisions piled upon worse decisions, feeding upon itself, lies upon lies, fears upon fears, and a brain that can only see the worst, and the soul has no more vision for anything good, as the brain, depressed physically, and psychologically, is like a false, and evil, filter, allowing only different shades of evil through.

Should I get up this morning and suffer through every demand made upon me, or should I stay in bed and suffer through every horrible nightmare that plays like a very bad television series of unrelenting torture?

Should I vote for candidate A who will take even more of what I need to survive so as to torture and kill Muslims in Syria and then Iran, building up into World War III and torturing and mass murdering people at home, all around me, colored red, or should I vote for the candidate who will take even more of what I need to survive so as to torture and kill Muslims in Syria and then Iran, building up into World war II and torturing and mass murdering people at home, all around me, colored blue?

Hold on, let me check, yes, yes, I'm blue this year, so the lesser of two evils, man is this ever so depressing, the lesser of two evils this time is, ahhh, I forgot, let me check again, to make sure, yes, yes, blue, I am blue this time.

Red = Bad (greater of two evils)

Blue = Blue (lesser of two evils)

Got it, OK, now what?

"Jeff warned me today...if we don't like the tyranny under Obama, there can be alot the killing fields. i.e., throwing out one and getting a worse."

Jeff has a specialty, but I don't think it is Political Economy.

Jeff, and all the mice in his pocket, won't be throwing out any of those Legal Criminals if I get the message he is sending (through you) accurately. If Jeff is referring to The People throwing out one Elected Representative by voting them out of office then he is delusional.

If he knows better, then why not say so?

If he drank the cool-aid then it is perfectly reasonable for him to parrot such falsehoods, and if he knows better, then why allow such messages to originate from his precious life while he is allowed to Stand on the Earth?

Which people, please school me, I need to know the accurate answer, which people have the power to throw out Obama and replace Obama with someone worse?

Let them raise their hand and let them be counted, please.

My way of accessing a spiritual understanding, admittedly not true, admittedly not even close to God, or Jesus, but in my imagination I will spend eternity, after my body dies, answering for every single injury to life my time on Earth allowed, exactly that, and I've spoken of how that works in my mind.

There are countless (an infinite number of) souls hoping to be allowed to live, to drink from Liberty, to exist in human form, to participate in the animated contest of freedom, and I was chosen by God to be one of the few allowed, and what did I do with that? What will all those unfortunate souls demand of me when I have to answer to them, let alone God, as to why I let the Human Species end, or whatever, why did I let that baby in Waco be burned alive, after being tortured?

Show me, when I am dead, what actually happened in Waco, and in Guatemala, and in Iraq, all on my dime, show me, now, if that can inspire me to do something, the least thing, to keep those things from happening again, and again, and more, and more, and more, like Cancer.

What is Goldmans?

Goldman Sachs?

Look up these two links - please:

That is odd? My memory is bad, someone may also be doctoring up the data, since the last time I checked that source: at the top of the list for both was Goldman Sachs.

Now, suddenly, Obama is no longer being connected to Goldman Sachs on that web page account.

Some people make a habit of print screen capturing web pages, in case of memory loss down the Memory Hole.

I don't, but what is the context of Goldmans?

"tamckissick had an interesting rant with some workable ideas which included garnering a majority over any issue, fixing the issue, repeating the process, communicating in a large way and having a constitution referendum."

I have almost no patience left for arguments - for the sake of argument.

If people do not focus on the 3 things on Ron Paul's list then those 3 things continue. What is the point?

End Legal Fraud
By a wide margin The FED is the most dangerous, cancerous, fraud in progress and it is legal.

End Legal Extortion
By a wide margin, in American, the I.R.S. is the most dangerous, cancerous, extortion in progress and it is legal.

End the flow of our power to Defend Liberty, those Military Troops, flowing into misery and early graves for profits stolen by a few.
Bring the Troops home, as they are being ordered to torture and mass murder innocent people by the millions and we need them here, if we cut the credit card to "our" Great and getting Greater Fuhrers, those enemies of liberty, Domestic, if we stop their Gravy Train, they are not going to "like" us as much, and that is a good thing. With enemies like that who needs a Devil?