Comment: Rocking the Boat

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Rocking the Boat

Sheep? I'm not sure that's fair. I like this analogy, better.

NT's (iNtuitive Thinkers) are always up in the crow's nest, rocking the boat.

The NT's can see further over the horizon from there. They know before anyone else if there are rocks ahead. They can navigate to places we haven't been, before.

Down, below, there are other personality types swabbing the deck, cooking, mending sails, checking inventory, maintaining the hull, keeping the books, coiling rope, bailing, rowing, etc.

All are necessary. You can't really say that the boat can operate with torn sails, or leaks, or no cargo.

It is the NT's that are shouting instructions and information to people who can't see what they see, and when that relationship hasn't built trust, it doesn't work very well.

NT's are the typical, hardcore, principled libertarians (physicists, mathematicians, chemistry teachers, engineers, economists, computer programmers, and the like); they don't make very good politicians, but they have a good grasp of the Truth and Reality (and get called "idealists" by others).

We have an educational task before us, because we can't do it without those who keep the boat seaworthy.

What do you think?