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When we go

bankrupt, China will try to take out of our hide(take over our country as the have already started). Just remember, what has brought us to this quagmire was unconstitutional. I believe if we go bankrupt we owe them nothing, because they knew it.

RP would right the wrong and it would be painful for a year or so he said. I'm thinking the pain would last a "little" longer, but worth it to save our country from the despots, return it to Constitutional law, and pass it on to our heirs intact once again.

I believe we have 5 groups of voters:

1) those who survive on gov handouts(excepting SS and Medicare-systems we paid into)and who want to keep it that way, no matter that they are serfs,
2)same group, but don't know they are serfs(probably will never figure out otherwise because they don't research),
3) those who have not researched enough and think Obama and Romney, are telling the truth,
4)those who have researched enough, have discovered RP and are set to resurrect the USA and change the world.
5)many smart, successful people capable of great things who also have not researched but have gone about their luxurious lives and refuse to consider their live too will change negatively if they don't wake up.

Just my thoughts and yours may be different, but I know we all agree....It has to be Ron Paul in 2012, or we are in the "tank".