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I would support

... a constitutional amendment to fund exploration science via taxes; even though there are both benefits and problems with this.

History is filled with examples of governments funding explorers, inventors and philosophers, many of which came to nothing, but some of which profoundly changed human history.

Just consider the moon landing in 1969. It was the result of competition between governments, not the free-market. The fact that moon-madness quickly blew over and humans haven't returned to the moon since just shows that the free-market hasn't yet considered such an endeavor worthwhile. In fact, the growing programs calling for a return to the moon today are *still* almost all government funded. Then consider the numerous probes various governments have sent to visit other planets, moons and asteroids. What we've learned by doing so is immeasurable and priceless. Only very recently have entrepreneurs seriously proposed profitable mining missions to nearby asteroids, and it may not happen for decades yet.

The bringing together of minds to solve the problems of space exploration have been, arguably, some of the best tax dollars which have ever been spent wrt quality of living around the world. Not only does it inspire invention, but it also inspires new ideas and careers. And at least the money is spent here, domestically.

Now, there are also problems with this kind of government funding, in that the agencies the government chooses to fund are basically monopolies, which means the costs for their research will inevitably rise. Also, we are dependent on a notoriously naive group of bureaucrats to pick and choose which science is the best to fund. They are usually wrong, and the question is: are we willing to put up with a bunch of worthless science in order to harvest a very few valuable gems?

Another problem is that every type of initial exploration funded by government is eventually taken over by the free-market after the latter gains confidence. So the agencies being funded by the government now usually become entirely obsolete in the future, and must be defunded, often with much resistance. But might this be a benefit in disguise? By spearheading journeys into new frontiers, is this kind of funding perhaps paving the way? Not only for the free-market, but for the inspiration of the next generation?

In any case, let's make it a constitutional amendment. It is tough for me to support this as a libertarian, but I believe it is worth the cost.