Comment: US Paymaster ain't writing a check to "Mitt Romney & supporters"

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US Paymaster ain't writing a check to "Mitt Romney & supporters"

[US Paymaster's window opens bright & early for all payments.]

Mr R supporter: Here are may campaign receipts & invoices. Here is the one for the Convention Center.

US Paymaster: No! I won't pay. You are not producing a Presidential candidate selection convention. I am not writing a check to you nor your buddies. No!

Mr R supporter: But Mitty, my buddy is the "presumptive nominee."

US Paymaster: No! I pay for national conventions that select a presidential candidate. This is America. Kings, Queens, dukes, & czars pay their own way here.

Mr R supporter: You don't understand the process.

US Paymaster: You don't get paid!

Mr R supporter: But wait. We have a big production scheduled for our nominee...

US Paymaster: Next! Next? .... Papers? .... American Boxing Federation? No, sir. You do not qualify as a Presidential selection convention... Tickets to the fight? No!... Next!

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