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In the middle ages, european villages usually had a goldsmith. At some point it became easier for people to use chits, rather than the gold itself, to trade and pay for things.

At some point the goldsmith realized people rarely came for their gold, and trading was more easily done with chits(checks). Some sharp guy figured out he could loan other people's gold out and make interest on it.

At some point somebody(probably the same guy)figured he could just lend out chits, and never touch the gold. Fractional reserve banking was born.

Everything depends on debt. The more debt in existence, the more people have to pay the banker interest. At some point bankers figured out you could make money lots faster lending to gigantic institutions, like government. Central banking is born. This officially happened the first time in England in 1694. Can you guess the bankers name who set this up? I bet you can.

Same guy figured out you could take over the whole damn country and have every slob in it working for you if you could get control of issuing the currency, not unlike the goldsmith lending chits. Of course government leaders were THRILLED with this, because they no longer had to answer for spending. Just print more money!

So the bankers took over the entire world through getting control of the issuance of fiat currency and by keeping the government in debt. And what is the most expensive endeavor known to man? WAR. War serves a grand purpose. It keeps the government in perpetual debt, guaranteeing the bankers control of everything and everybody. In war everybody loses, but the bankers, gleefully financing all sides in a war, win big.

But what of times of no war? For that we have social programs, another fabulous device to create massive government debt for those annoying periods of peace when lending goes down.

In modern times, even the THREAT of war is enough to keep countries spending untold amounts on the machinery of war. Just frighten the populace enough with shit like nuclear weapons and terrorists in the tiolet, and they'll pey. Gladly.

You can figure out the rest, and see the world for what it is. We were all born into a system of modern feudalism, and we are the serfs.

I learned all of this reading The Creature From Jekyll Island by Griffin 15 years ago. I recommend this factual history text very highly.

I had to put myself into therapy to deal with the depression my understanding brought with it. I wondered why there wasn't a single American in politics who would speak to this. Then I learned about what happened to Kennedy, and I understood that as well.

Which is why I am such a loyal fan of Ron Paul. This man understands the beast far better than I do. Ron Paul against this system makes David versus Goliath look like a fair fight, but he stood up anyway. I simply cannot understand his courage. We may never see the likes of him again. An authentic American gunslinger. His bullets are the truth of the economic system of modern slavery we all live in.

This is your big picture, bro. NOTHING of any importance changes until WE THE PEOPLE take control of our government from the bankers, and eliminate privately owned central banks, and issue our own currency.

Until then, we are all slaves. And the noose around our necks is getting tighter.