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Comment: They became the inside

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They became the inside

And they did it by outting the conservatives, they set them up to knock them out with charges abetted by MSM as homosexuals, theives, while they twisted and even had people falsely acused and imprison, which they still do.

They signed those oaths, and it took them decades to get to where they are. Their problem is they don't have new blood. WE ARE THE FUTURE. If we don't take tjhis party, we will have a global government that is modeled like Communist China's, and you can say "Well I didn't vote for that, BUT YOU DID, because you couldn't see past your narrow scope.

As for not signing anything not in your interest.. that's a very narrow scope, and the shame is you miss goal the big picture.

It's not about Ron Paul being president. It's about being an heir to Ron Paul's message and materializing it.

If I thought that my vote was FOR Romney, then I would be an idiot. My vote is FOR Ron Paul Republicans to give them a future. THAT is far more important to me than Romney.