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This is NOT a movement

Ron Paul calls it a rEVOLution and to me, that's what it is. It is a movement to people who don't get it.

Are you on a central committee?

As for doing what is right.. what is right is empowering the GOP with Ron Paul Republicans, THE heirs to Ron Paul's message.

THE FORCE is with those committee seats we took, not in the general election. That's just a show. Look what the committees did to qualified duly elected delegates.. that is power.

You don't seem to understand why that POWER is so important to getting a committee seat and empowering it is THE GOAL. It doesn't matter who is president, it matters who is seated on those committees.

That's why the RNC gave us Rand... WE ARE WINNING, and we are going to win.

This election is between Romney and Obama. Either way, we take power now under Romney or 4 years later, either way, WE ARE THE FUTURE.

It takes a good heart to know another, and I see yours and respect yours. I was once like you, for over 30 years I thought and believed as you do. Now that's I'm on a committee, I have accomplished more, than 30 years of hard work as an activist.

Join us.