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Yeah.. and they have the right to do that

It's why it's so important to get a committee seat, or know someone on the committee. You can do all that work (which is the same work it takes to get a committee seat BTW) You are actually representing THE committee!!! That's why they have the right to out folks.

The conventions were a mess because many Ron Paul Republicans didn't introduce themselves to the committee.. they didn't know. So no one really knew who was going to show up, once they have the papers, they go through the pile...

" Ok, this one is.... John Doe. John Doe. Anyone here know John Doe, county district 2. John Doe, county district 2."

The replys, no, no, nope... umhhhh..

"This John Doe is in your district Charlie. You know him?"

"I can't say I do.. "

"Ok, well, then you got a guy to replace John Doe? Yeah yeah, sure,, Mrs Smith, she could use the party and she's got the money to go, wouldn't cost us anything.. she said something about wanting to meet Bachmann..."

"Bachmann?!, Oh geese.. Crist Charlie she's a tea partier?"

"Hell if I know, Jack, and frankly I don't care. She gives us plenty of money, we use her barn for fundraisers so don't go off on Mrs Smith. It's not like you don't have tea partiers.."

"Ok Ok you gonna call her and get the papers together?"

"I guess, when are they due?"

"Uhhh.. Auguest 6Th."

"Auguest 6th! Shit, Deep sigh, well I had plans, but man, this is old doing this stuff, I think we dhould just let those Ron Paul guys take this ship anyways"

"Now don't talk like that Charlie you'll piss the guys who paid their dues off."

"I know I know... Well, sure sure.. I'll call her. I'll get it done."

"Ok, Now we have a Robbie Jones.. Robbie, Jones, county district, 3.. Anyone know Robbie Jones?"