Comment: I think further discussion is necessary to determine agreement

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I think further discussion is necessary to determine agreement

I'm not sure what you meant when you said 'this country', that's why I specified that it was a particular group of men who wrote & endorsed the Declaration. As for the specific part of that declaration, the part about 'all men are created equal', that is under discussion I understand both the spirit and meaning which it was written to convey as best I can from the position of those who wrote and signed it that chose to write further about it as well as their actions as recorded by history after it was signed and made public. I also understand the meaning most people attribute to the statement today.

Therefore, I'm not certain it is the worst thing that has ever happened as the interpretation of the statement as most people understand it today is actually true; all men, and all women for that matter, ARE created equal. People pay this thought lip service today but rarely pause to realize that they view the world much differently. Most people clearly see politicians and other various agents of the state as their superiors, endowed with abilities and permissions that the populace themselves could or should never have.