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Comment: Crime is crime, why call it a job?

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Crime is crime, why call it a job?

"After all we are not nazi soldiers who are just 'doing our job"

If enough people start using competitive legal money then The FED goes out of business.

I am forced to use Legal Fraud Money, it takes more than one person to choose to use a competitive legal money, so where is this demarcation line between my willful choice for Liberty and the forced compliance of fraud and extortion made legal?

I do not agree to pay Federal Taxes since I know it is legalized extortion.

How can legalized extortion be avoided if only one person, or two people, follow an agreement to act as one in support of Liberty, and do so effectively, such as a refusal to pay any more payments whereby those payments provide the means by which we suffer from legalized extortion and worse crimes?

We don't need to parade around in useless protests, all we have to do is agree to follow a logical set of reasonable actions such as those suggested by the Statesman Ron Paul as such:

End The FED by competing and winning in Free Money Markets. If enough of us do so, we The People who still have guns, and still have the means to defend ourselves, and we The People who still can employ Trial by Jury if we merely understand how it works when it works, and we The People do not have to resort to deceit, to defeat deceit, and we don't have to resort to threats of aggressive violence to defeat threats of aggressive violence, and we do not have to resort to violence unless we are forced to defend ourselves when those Criminals at The FED get mad because we are using better money and not their fraudulent money.

I don't have to follow the leader to understand what leadership is in fact.

Stop paying National Income Tax, it is immoral, it is unconstitutional, it is not Federal, it is Legal Extortion, and all we have to do is stop paying as one, what are the criminals going to do then?

Bring the Troops home, or don't follow those unlawful, immoral, criminal, orders, at least, and come on home, please, we may need you when those criminals figure out that we aren't paying them anymore bonuses, bailouts, and we are cutting their credit card.

How is that not leadership itself, where step by step actions by people on a schedule can return this Country back into a semblance of a Democratic Federated Republic instead of a Despotic Nation State Legal Money Monopoly?

This is not India.

This is America.

We don't follow leaders, at least the Friends of Liberty do not, and there are plenty of examples all through our history if you care to find out, in case you may have misunderstood what Liberty is all about.

Don't follow anyone, make Liberty happen, there are ways to do it, it isn't rocket science.