Comment: Sherman Township, Weidman, Michigan

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Sherman Township, Weidman, Michigan

Every elected official today in my township is at the least a Tea Party supporter, but strong old school ties led to a lopsided vote against Tea Party Candidate for Sheriff Robert Hall for Isabella County. Will know soon enough how he fared overall and if defeated, I know he will run again. Mr. Hall has been very receptive to the Liberty oriented GOP Platform I endorse and understands how important the role of Sheriff is to protect the people of his county, especially from out of control federal elements and state level liberal agendas. The Durant vote was close, within 20 if I remember correctly, two known Ron Paul supporters including one National Delegate (from a rural precinct of 2000 registered voters) were re-elected as precinct delegates, do not know about the other three who were elected. Yet. We will spend the next week getting ready for Michigan GOP County Conventions to take place on the 16th.

For Liberty.