Comment: Obama & Romney in league against Paul?

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Obama & Romney in league against Paul?

Am I the only one that sees this? Obama & Romney are clearly working together to shut out Paul. How else are court cases being thrown out or dismissed, state delegations being declared null and void, media blackout, policy brutality at state conventions, etc. Obama is the left arm and Romney the right arm of the same puppet-master that wants total global control. It's like David vs. Goliath here.

The globalists don't want to lose their grip over America, much less the world. Ron Paul as president would be more than just a seizure of power back to the United States -- it would encourage the rest of the world to revolt against their governments the same way we are now. Look at Egypt!

If we don't get Paul nominated, the globalists will usher in a very "1984"-like way of life for generations to come. Paul is our LAST hope.

God speed to our delegates that are going to Tampa to fight these jackals. Like many others have said, you have MILLIONS of supporters behind you.

"Give me liberty or give me death!"