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Just because you can access it

... doesn't mean you can trace it. And yes, just because it is very difficult to trace, does not mean it is impossible. There are weaknesses to the design, however they require extensive preparation, time and resources to exploit successfully. I don't know why you bring up CALEA since it has nothing to do with the encrypted text transmissions over the Tor network. Do your research.

I'm almost certain you misunderstand how Silk Road works. Silk Road itself doesn't sell anything. Like eBay it merely connects buyers and sellers. The FBI can buy all the drugs and illegal items it wants off Silk Road, but even if they managed to trace where the packages came from, they would only capture individual sellers, not anyone related to Silk Road itself.

In my experience, those who feel compelled to cite their educational credentials and experience as proof they know what they are talking about, usually don't. You seem pretty quick to flaunt them.