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I wish I could find you perfect sources

However, to get something that you trust requires work. It is irritating as most of us spend our days trying to survive and don't have time to research our own news. It would be nice to turn on the tube and get an unbiased, unfiltered news cast...but that just doesn't happen.

Ben Swann's Reality check is a good source of real journalism, but he only does a couple minute bit about once a week on topics that are related to politics. I like reading as well. It is a libertarian based news source I believe. I believe that Ron Paul reads it...if its good enough for him, its good enough for me.

Good luck. I am not trying to say that RT is wrong in what they are showing us, I am just saying that there is more of a motive that is actually a bit evil then simply alerting Americans. This topic has been argued on here a few times in the past. However, it is clear that there is a problem when RT reports on US politics and anti-freedom when they are silent on their ex kgb president in their own country. All is not what it seems when it comes to news broadcasts, usually.