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What is the point?

Is the point such that we wish to know better?

Who said that Madison fought to "repeal the constitution"?

The reference had to do with information I found from various sources and one source is here (to be specific and to avoid any further misunderstandings):

A Nation State, or Consolidated Government, dictates to The States, and to The People, when and how much power the employees running the Nation State, or Consolidated Government get from The States, and The People.

True or not true?

You be the judge.

Madison and Jefferson understood, in so many words, that a Democratic Federated Republic is designed in such a way as to afford The States the POWER to join or not join a Democratic Federated Republic and the Lawful means by which NOT JOINING is done is called secession.

The lawful means by which secession can be avoided, the thinking continues: Nullification.

The Dictators at Consolidated Nation State Central say:

Pay me, up yours, and pay me, thou shalt not question, just shut up, and pay me.

The less Dictatorial Employees at Sovereign State Central say, in reply to that specific Dictate, or other specific Dictates like The Alien and Sedition Acts, and others:
No, that is a dictate, so you can pound sand, up yours, we don't obey no sinking orders from Dictators like you, take off hoser.

The People can vote with their feet to States that say Pound Sand or vote with their feet to States that say yes sir, yes master, you want me to jump, yes, yes, how high master, how high can I jump now to make you so, so, so, happy master, oh master, my master, how high master.

The People, in a working Trial by Jury, can also nullify, in that legal way too, if that works as it was designed to work too.

Knowing better may be better than not.

You be the judge.

I'm just a lowly messenger boy.

Read the book, then return with your challenges of what you think I may have published here, as a warning, and as a path to be taken.

Nullify Dictates, and guess what?

No more POWER in those Dictates.

Note: The defenders of The Constitution won't touch the things I have to report, they won't touch these specific reports with a ten foot pole, they prefer to ignore, misdirect, and falsify. Does that not confess something important about The Constitution and those who support it BLINDLY?