Comment: Three flaws with this video's message

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Three flaws with this video's message

1) Nena makes the assumption that the human body makes enzymes to deal with gluten and thus it must be something we have adapted to eat and gain a nutritional benefit from. This is a false conclusion, as the body contains MANY enzymes to deal with things that are harmful to us, many of which are actually defined as poisons. Such enzymes are present to fend off damaging molecules and break them into harmless pieces, and NOT there to help us gain nutrition from a substance humans have never eaten in any significant quantity until the last few thousand years.

It's interesting how every biological science these days clings fanatically to an evolutionary perspective EXCEPT human nutrition. Modern nutrition says grains are good, fats are bad, even though the opposite was true for thousands, even millions of years before the advent of agriculture.

2) Nena advocates supplementing the body's supply of this so-called gluten enzyme to counteract what must be some kind of genetic decline, since rates of gluten sensitivity and intolerance are skyrocketing. This ignores the (far more reasonable) hypothesis that gluten consumption has risen dramatically in the last several decades, overwhelming the body's ability to deal with it via this protective enzyme. The level of this enzyme in our bodies is fine, it is the amount of gluten being introduced which has changed.

So instead of just avoiding the harmful substance, we should pay money to a pharmaceutical company so we can keep eating it. Odd logic.

3) And finally, Nena bases all of her reasoning on her conclusion that eating gluten-free is too hard, which makes supplementation a necessary remedy. There is plenty of support and information available out there for people wanting to go gluten-free. Even those who don't have any obvious symptoms of coeliac have realised a multitude of health benefits by avoiding gluten, and indeed all grains, sugars and starch. These are people who could never dream of going back to the old Standard American Diet full of grains and their anti-nutrients. For them, eating the "right way" seems perfectly natural and easy to accomplish from day to day. I know, because I am one of them.

For more info you can search for "LCHF", "Paleo" or "Primal". For your health.