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Not "computer science"...

Computer engineering. After, my first few years of designing communications and management systems for marine vessels I was offered a job in corporate IT developing client-server systems and application largely on UNIX and finished my career in that segment of the industry.

And I'm not confusing Tor with a network device. What does Tor traffic travel through? A network device. What characteristic do all network devices since 2004 contain? CALEA compliance. What is CALEA? CALEA is regulations that allow law enforcement to snoop on communications. In 2004 began the transition to cover internet comms and not just telephony.

For the internet CALEA requires that the ISP's deliver all content in a rendered form understandable by law enforcement. The ISP's have "volunteered" to fulfill this task.

With regards to understanding Tor, I know that Tor is encrypted distributed p2p. I also know that Tor has an established history of third parties gleaning ip's, the content of packet streams such as usernames, passwords, email addresses, etc. from entrance and exit points at the nodes. Governments and universities have been doing this kind of research and probing for years on Tor traffic.

I also know that deep-packet inspection can identity the nature of encrypted packets by pattern detection. Any type of traffic has characteristic patterns. Including bitcoin. This means bitcoin transactions can be traffic-shaped out of existence on a whim.

As far as your last comment, the FBI setting up its own Silk Road store combined with placing orders and the Tor weaknesses outlined above with regards to the node entrance and exit points combined with the cooperation of postal services combined with the ability of the Govt to detect and block bitcoin traffic I just don't see how this can be in any way be considered an impenetrable undefeatable secure system.

Are Silk Road users SURE they are not ordering their drugs from the FBI? The US Govt is the biggest drug dealer in the world and they dislike competition immensely.

As far as my credentials/resume, if you send me your name, physical address, active telephone # where i can contact you I *might* send it to you. You seem vindictive and petty and your usual first responses to discussions seems to be personal attacks. I'm not really into dealing with people like that and see no benefit to myself or anybody else.

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