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Bitcoin traffic...

can be detected and monitored at the node entrance and exit points. All packet content types can be detected by pattern.. even encrypted ones.

CALEA has nothing to do with the ISP's "volunteering" to deep-packet inspect ALL packet streams for content then render that content in a humanly understandable form? The internet has been abuzz with this in dozens of articles even in the mainstream. Do your research! :>

You said:

"I'm almost certain you misunderstand how Silk Road works. Silk Road itself doesn't sell anything."

What if the FBI sets up a shop on Silk Road and starts selling drugs? What if they do this for two years, keep notes, then bust 1,000 users in one sweep? If the FBI is selling drugs on Silk Road then they know what drugs you've purchased, with records, and they know your delivery address. The US Govt is the largest drug dealer in the world and they dislike competition immensely.

I'm fully aware that Tor is encrypted distributed p2p that poses many hindrances to monitoring. You seem to be implying that the Tor system is magically and forever unbreakable.

You said:

"In my experience, those who feel compelled to cite their educational credentials and experience as proof they know what they are talking about, usually don't. You seem pretty quick to flaunt them."

I have been debating bitcoins on DP for quite a while on several different bitcoin forum topics without mentioning them. You seem quick to make accusations without doing any homework. Search for "weebles bitcoin".

What are your credentials? :)

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