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didn't mean to get off topic.

The topic is scary, but I am not surprised. Unfortunately many people do not care or do not understand the NDAA. I know that myself and my parents have brought it up to many Democrat friends and they simply don't seem to care and are still 100% behind Obama. I think it is one more nail in the coffin to our country becoming a complete dictatorship. The NDAA undermines much more then our rights as US citizens. It undermines almost every inalienable right we have as "having guns" or "speaking out against the tyranny coming from Washington" could land you in indefinite detention without due process. Scary as all heck. I am truly afraid of what either the current admin or future admins will do with this power.

The USA continues to attempt to say they are one thing while being something else. Not sure what to do as it seems like now if I was to simply protest such a law I would be "indefinitely detained".