Comment: I'm still convinced that the

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I'm still convinced that the

I'm still convinced that the people running bitcoin are using peoples bitcoin mining hardware for hacking purposes.

For those unfamiliar, the system is setup so that people can mine for the sought after, limited supply of bitcoins, just like one can for gold in real life. "Miners" build these cheap computers (look up bitcoin mining), with top end expensive video cards. They use the GPU's in the video card to decrypt encrypted packets of information given to you by the bitcoin system.

People use GPU's (graphics possessing unit) to crack passwords and encrypted information all the time. Just look up GPU hacking and brute force hacking. GPU's can process information hundreds of times faster than regular CPU's.

Hardware is expensive, why not utilize other people's hardware? Maybe I'm missing something, but it sure seems genius if someone could pull off using thousands of computers around the world to create a decentralized super computing hacking network, that no government could take out without taking down the whole system.