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"Both the seller and buyer are anonymous"

The buyer is anonymous to the seller? How does the seller ship the package? (busted!)

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"users can change their node entrance and exit points at whim"

Irrelevant. The packets can still be blocked if they have the bitcoin pattern. ISP's have been annointed the "Intellectual Property Police" which means they MUST inspect your packets. And they have fully developed traffic shaping capabilities. ISP's can detect and block bitcoin traffic. Old school.

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"Your idea about the FBI setting up a Silk Road shop to catch 1000s of buyers is ludicrous. For one thing, buyers get a rating based upon successful transactions, and if buyers don't get their product."

I'm talking about the FBI shipping the drugs to the buyer. The US Govt ships drugs all over the world. The US is the world's largest drug dealer. They took it over from the Brits.

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"Even if it's the case that your bitcoin traffic can be tracked, it must still be linked to a Silk Road transaction"

Why must it be linked to Silk Road? If they sold drugs to buyers repeatedly for months or year and then busted a few of them and then announced it then most of the buyers and sellers would run like scalded dogs. Silk Road would shrivel up and blow away on its own.

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"if the Feds actually DO send out drugs to get a positive rep and catch 1000s, it would be a scandal bigger than Fast and Furious."

It is court record and testimony from US Govt operatives that the US Govt kicked off the crack cocaine epidemic by teaching them how to make it. Time after time in court records it is revealed that when DEA agents find the king pins of regional drug dealing all over the globe that is being run by US intelligence and operatives.

The US military openly admits that they are running the heroine trade out of Afghanistan because "if we didn't do it somebody else would".

None of them ever get in trouble...

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"The main purpose of CALEA is for VoIP"

You have not researched CALEA legislation since 2003 and how it has been modified to include all components of internet traffic. Videos, images, sound files, etc can and are used to transmit information which are used by terrorists, they claim, to transmit terrorist activity related info.

"In the years since CALEA was passed it has been greatly expanded to include all VoIP and broadband internet traffic. From 2004 to 2007 there was a 62 percent growth in the number of wiretaps performed under CALEA -- and more than 3,000 percent growth in interception of internet data such as email."

"Subject/Target Traffic – All communications and IP data traffic, included data that is transmitted or received by the Subject/Target, that is transported by the Subject/Target Facility identified in the Lawful Authorization."

You are wrong. CALEA has included ALL IP data traffic for a while now. Yes, when CALEA first came about in the 1970's it was all about voice. No longer. CALEA requires ALL IP DATA TRAFFIC to be captured. If a suspect or target is watching a youtube or sharing a photo or posting on a forum or using bitcoins for transactions they want to know about it.

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"Tor traffic throughout the network is encrypted. Deep packet inspection of all such content isn't feasible"

Dude, you really need to go read some books or google or something. :>

How do you think ISPs filter for viruses? It's called deep-packet inspection with pattern matching. And they've been doing this for a while.

Also, from wikipedia:

"In addition to using DPI to secure their internal networks, Internet service providers also apply this technology on the public networks provided to customers. Common uses of DPI by ISPs are lawful intercept, policy definition and enforcement, targeted advertising, quality of service, offering tiered services, and copyright enforcement."

"Service providers are required by almost all governments worldwide to enable lawful intercept capabilities. The acquisition component of this functionality may be provided in many ways, including DPI, DPI-enabled products that are "LI or CALEA-compliant" can be used - when directed by a court order - to access a user's datastream."

All this is old school...

I'm done for now. I grow weary. Tackling each of your misconceptions and inaccuracies is tiresome. :p

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