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You said:

"Even if ISPs hand over information willingly to law enforcement, if the data is encrypted"

You are not actually reading the content of my comments. I said encrypted bitcoin traffic can be detected as being bitcoin traffic and subsequently blocked. No need at all to decrypt the content. 1) detect bitcoin traffic 2) block it.

You said:

"You give too much credit to packet shaping. It's been tried many times by many ISPs and it has only caused the affected applications to change, double-encrypt or randomise the format of their packets."

Doubly encrypted packet streams content types have patterns too. It's not black magic for the FBI to doubly encrypt a bitcoin packet stream, notate the pattern, then search for it.

With regards to "randomise the format of the packets", please explain how the receiving bitcoin peer can interpret the packet content without knowing the format.

You said:

"For the FBI to run a successful Silk Road store, they would have to mail out real drugs."

You mean like how the police sell real drugs to criminals, sometimes over periods of months and years to make busts. Oh yes, highly unlikely. Never happens. Ever... :>

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