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Yes, both the buyer and the seller are anonymous TO the eavesdropper. Please, let's try having a serious debate. Interjections like "busted!" just show your goal here is one-upmanship rather than actually supporting your arguments.

The bitcoin pattern can be changed, just like the bitorrent pattern was changed, just like the video streaming pattern was changed, just like the persistent MMO connection pattern was changed. You underestimate the resilience of these systems, as if they could just be blocked and that would be the end of them.

I seriously doubt your claim that the FBI and the US government is sending illegal drugs via illicit transactions to willing buyers all over the world.

The FBI would never be able to announce such a thing. "We've been selling illegal drugs to buyers for months, and then once we had info on enough of them, we rounded them up." The FBI selling drugs to people online would be a huge scandal, I don't know how you are failing to see that. Not only is it ethically reprehensible, it is also arguably entrapment, and most, if not all, of those people would go free.

Your other claims that government operatives are running the drug trade are dubious at best. If crack cocaine was invented by the US government and it really is a matter of court record, then please add it to Wikipedia. Court records are very good sources. I'd also like to see these court records which show drug kingpins actually being US operatives.

The key here is that heroin is not a prohibited substance such a cocaine or marijuana. It is a regulated substance which has many medical uses. Unlike even marijuana, you can easily get forms of it with a prescription without fear. Sure, someone in Afghanistan needs to run the trade, that the US is doing it is a consequence of US foreign intervention in ALL aspects of life there.

No matter what you think about CALEA, there is no decryption aspect to it. As long as you encrypt your packets and make them look like something else, unless they already have a physical tap on your computer they have nothing more than a bunch of data they can't understand. Many bitorrent clients already offer this. A VoIP provider or service operator can ensure that all the packets they send are decryptable if necessary, but those in the grey market are under no obligation to comply. And if they don't reside in the US or elsewhere CALEA hardware is used, then all bets are completely off.

Deep packet inspection for blocking unencrypted viruses? Likely. ISPs blocking viruses at the encrypted packet level? Fairy tales.

DPI works when the content is NOT encrypted. More and more of it is, these days. I really don't know how many more times I need to repeat that before you understand it. Why do you think government enforces a limit to key length for encryption of secure connections? So that if they really really really want to get at something, they can, eventually. Decrypting the data on the fly of thousands of people interacting with one site is not currently possible with today's processing power. Not even close.

If you're done for now, I thank you. Your unbridled paranoia and overestimation of technical feasibility is most definitely wearying to me.