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My choice would be the 1]

Local consumer sovereignity + the 2] on local and regional level.

I'll give practical example confirming your abdication model:

I have a good friend in postcommunist Slovenia, who until recently lived in a small town of ~3000 inhabitants an no significant tourist traffic. After the fall of communism there still was the nice town marketplace under nice old trees with stuff like local farming products including meat and its very good local products, clothing, implements, flowers... Then the big supermarket companies came and built there 6! big supermarkets, without any resistance of the local people brainwashed by commies and then by the "democrats" to abdication, the supermarkets which effectively sent the market with local products into oblivion and nobody sells there anything now and the marketplace is abandoned. There is one restaurant and like 3 bars which all close like 11pm or before. People flee from there even the immobilities crash there - as also my friend who capitalized on it and bought a small familly farm in hilly area 20km nearby (5 hectares arable land + 2 hectares forest + 2 farmhouses + walled sheepcote + own waterspring for ~90000$ ;) and never wants to move back in the town where if you go out on saturday night in summer you find 5-10 people, in winter not even that, so why stay there anyway. If you want to go in ~30km distant city Celje to find some socialization, you must either go by car and pay gas and highway or pay like 7 euro bus ticket, but don't expect them go before 7am and after 6pm and more than thrice a day.

For summer-autumn part of the year I live in a simmilarly big ~3000 inhabitants viticultural town on the French mediteranian coast, where loads of tourist come in seasons halfspring-summer-halfautumn when there can be like around ~30000 people temporarily present for holidays and seasonal jobs. Yet the town has only one big supermarket, two normal size and one tiny convenience stores and there still is local marketplace with numerous stands of local farming and fishing products, including meat and its numerous good local products, clothing, books, implements, wine, flowers... The town council simply doesn't allow more supermarkets there neither under rightist nor leftist local government which change usually once 4-8 years - even being quite under outside lobbyist pressure, they cannot betray lobbying of local people against more supermarkets -even in summer there are 10 times more people around than in winter - because they would be personally politically immediately finished. There are several small shops like 3 bakeries, 2 news/tobacco, several clothing and souvenir shops, one small utility shop, one building material store, 3 meat shops, one fish shop, more than 10 restaurants and at least 10 bars and several caffeterias (which usually close for the winter and only one or two rest open). Dance fiestas with live music on main square every week at least once since may to mid october, in main summer season almost daily. People prosper and actually move in and new houses are built because the immobilities are there still for relatively reasonable price when compared with French coast average. I call this voting by legs and direct lobbying - the democracy works on local level and maybe even on the departemental level - if the people care about their own or common bussiness and don't abdicate to defend their interests.
- The convenient everyday mobility of normal people is now provided throughout the whole departement (say approx. a bit smaller than Connecticut) by a dense net of public transportation buses (and on some selected routes by trains) and you can travel to 250+ km distant mountain part of the departement 2000+m above sea level for symbolic 1! euro - a very successful project of the departemental government how to use the subsidies money for something good (not only steal most of them to own or friends pockets) - not only for normal people mobility and repopulation of abandoned beautiful villages in mountains, but also environment (also very beautiful)- a project which quickly spreads to surrounding departements which now build simmilar affordable departementwide bus networks.
This project was a brainchild of one very notable guy in the departemental government. Is it an individualist idea? I don't know, looks to me like a socialist idea - but definitely working and definitely not a fascist one - which at the very most would provide you with the one way busticket to the FEMA camp and you'll pay nothing except by your freedom and life.
I think the people should foster their individualism (and doing it using the Buddha method I know quite exactly what does it mean and what are the limits of it laid down by the golden and silver rules and bio/social nature of human society) but work and assert the really common practical interests together. That's one of the main reasons why I like the France - because the people there seem to me be be somehow world champions of this - and despite others call them socialists to me it seems they behave like real capitalists - knowing what a capital their society and country is which they must not let get completely conquested by foreign interests. The abdication (even some individuals don't abdicate "go into wilderness" as my friend to become more independent when other do abdicate) is a collective phenomena the same way as the non-abdication keeping the local sovereignity and equilibrium between imported and local goods for consumption.