Comment: 'We Must Stop The Ron Paul Revolution by David Carlson"

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'We Must Stop The Ron Paul Revolution by David Carlson"

"Over the past four years I witnessed firsthand the extremely calculated, effective and efficient takeover of the Minnesota Republican Party by diehard supporters of Congressman Ron Paul. Many of these activists are patriotic and love our country, just as do I.

However, many are also blatantly anti-military, loathing the very idea of military service, and have been openly vocal in this opposition. Seeking the GOP Senate nomination this year were two well qualified veterans, both whom would have been excellent candidates. If either of them had won the GOP endorsement, I wouldn’t be speaking to you now."

Check out this Cheese D**K!! The comments are priceless..The first maybe four support him then the SHTF..Maybe David would have a better chance of re-inventing the rotary phone instead of running to be a NeoCon Piece of Trash Senator..

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