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Here we go


Carlson -- a 30-year-old, reportedly twice-divorced former Marine Corps Sergeant who owns a fledgling Twin Cities-based private security company -- bucked his party's endorsement of Bills and announced his Senate candidacy late last week. In a Facebook post announcing his run, he tries to paint Bills as nothing more than a Ron Paul acolyte and explains that he felt compelled to enter the race at the last minute because he was bothered as he "watched a very small fringe group of Libertarians [infiltrate] the Minnesota Republican caucus, uncompromisingly backing a slate of candidates who in large measure do not represent Minnesota values, and that's evident by Congressman Ron Paul's dismal 27% voter support in our statewide Presidential caucus."

But the main reason Carlson is running is most likely because his reality TV career flamed out before it ever got started.

You'll be surprised to learn that Carlson's Kickstarter campaign didn't raise sufficient funds, forcing him to abandon the project and resume a political career that includes unsuccessful runs for the Minnesota House in 2008 and the Minnesota Senate in 2010.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero,