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Thanks For Asking

We received the poll results in three parts, three attachments, in an email from Pulse Opinion.
1. Cover letter.
2. Top Line Numbers (I published these numbers above in the main post.)
3. The "crosstabs" spreadsheet is the third part and I'm posting it in the next Update because its a spreadsheet.

Also, I "forwarded" the entire Poll Results to the entire Contributor and supporters lists I have assembled to date, 226 addreess.

I will forward the Poll Results from Pulse, three attachments, to anyone (?) who sends me a request and return email address.

Let's all get involved and use this 45% poll number to raise awareness Paul can beat Obama, that America wants Liberty! America wants Ron Paul!

2 - We need three polls to show growth. As the media, activists, delegates, etc., watch the polls rise they work harder and smarter to raise awareness... We will have three polls' results so to have a Breaking News Media Release every eight days. We'll have Poll numbers showing Paul can win!

3 - The polls are spaced 7 days apart so we'll have time between each poll to raise the numbers for the next poll release.
Poll #1 to be published 9 August. (This date was 11 August)
Poll #2 to be Published 17 August.
Poll #3 to be published 24 August. RNC Starts 27 Aug. and our delegates will know Paul has 45% of the Presidential Vote! and maybe more! Let's unite to defend Liberty. Work to raise awareness. We Want Limited Government, Individual Rights and nothing else.

4- I'm holding off on the Media Release until 9 August as scheduled, in hopes of a better Media Release, or any part, etc. Input is the name of the game. Let's be creative and we'll win.

5 - Poll results are emailed to me and I make the results available to the DP Community , and the world, here.

6 - Planning is good and I'm ready anytime. But time moves us along and at this point, time is short.

The focus at this time is how to compose the best Media Release. I composed a sample, see post above, let's edit or replace it, but time is short and we need to get Media Release right and send it out to the world now. We have 45%!!

I'm elated! Paul has 45% of the popular vote! Not 19% like GJ. Not 30% like some predictions... We have 45%!! We're in the game. Now, let's go to work and raise these numbers. 19 days to Tampa.