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My email reply to James Rushing:

Thanks for sending the poll results! Very good news!

I think we would be well served to call the poll results a neck and
neck tie since all results are within the poll's margin of error. The
big difference that should be emphasized in the press release is the
favorable / unfavorable ratings of the candidates. Dr. Paul has a more than 10% point favorable margin over Obama or Romney. This is huge as undecided voters will tend to swing his way. It is the most telling statistic in the poll!

Also worthy of mention is that the poll equally queried democrats and
republicans at 35% each while 30% did not state a party. Most of the
polls showing Romney behind were skewed in favor of voters who
identified with the democratic party. However, in the 2010
congressional elections, democrats and republicans were evenly split.
This gives our poll greater credibility than most and it should be

Finally, the press release should be a matter of fact affair. That
means dispensing with the rah rah rah notions that Americans want to
end the fed, end the wars, etc. These topics were not polled so we
should not draw such conclusions. Try to stick to the facts and you'll win over more reporters to spread the news.

I wish I could help you write the press release. Unfortunately, I must go to bed now and leave early in the morning on a family outing. It's my first day off since May!

Thanks for taking the project on!