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Rick Santorum would be the

Rick Santorum would be the best choice. You'd pick up his delegates support. Our delegates should be offering Rick's delegates our support to put whatever they want in the platform and a V.P. spot for Rick S. if they agree to nominate Ron Paul for President. You can even tell them Ron only has a couple years to live so Rick will actually become President just like they wanted. Yeah I know that's tweaking the truth a little but trust me they'll buy it. Maybe they'll even let Newt have all our support for whatever platforms he wants in exchange for his delegates votes going to support a Paul/Santorum ticket. I sincerely doubt if Newts delegates care if Romney gets the nomination or not. If they get total control of the platforms maybe they'll feel like they're getting something out of this election instead of nothing which is all they'll get supporting Romney.

You delegates are free agents, you don't have to take orders from Ron Paul's campaign, start making important decisions like this for yourselves. Think out side the box. Take control of the situation and control of the outcome. Tell the campaign what it is that you want from them. They should be kissing your behind. Not the other way around.

And I'm especially talking to those delegates who are meeting with some of these other delegates the week prior to the convention. That's the time this needs to be brought up. Speak now. Tell us you actually think for yourself and don't need Ron Paul to do it for you.