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Obama didn't need Hillary's

Obama didn't need Hillary's delegates to get the nomination. We do need delegates thanks to Ron Paul and the campaign sabotaging our efforts. Thank them for ending up with Rick as V.P.

And to those of you voting my comment down, face it I'm right whether you like Rick S. or not, the Republican voters would support the ticket and the media couldn't say squat about it. Rick being V.P. should mean nothing to you since that's all he'll be doing.

And to those supporting Judge Nap, face it, he is a shill for the global terrorists just like Romney and Obama. I mean, how gullible can you be, Fox brought him to you. Just because he preaches what you like to hear doesn't mean he's not going to sell you out in the future. Which is exactly why he was brought to you. You're probably the same people who fell for Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin before they showed their true colors.