Comment: Two sides to this coin

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Two sides to this coin

On the one side it is sad that things have gotten so far off the rails. But on the other side- you see why - many people like these protrayed just got into the "well, I went to college so I deserve this" mentality. I work with people like this every day. They have no real work ethic and frankly - more than half don't actually understand their jobs. In short - they are fake. This is pervasive in America today. What did the author say about "meaningless jobs" - he oozes the snobbery that has brought this upon us. That "I am so much better than that" mentality. Well, guess you put your pants on one leg at a time after all - just like those people that have worked those "meaningless jobs" all their lives.

As they say- the chickens are coming home to roost.
This can be turned around when we start putting the emphasis back on what matters - like morals, values and work ethic. When companies start basing hiring and promotions on these values instead of worthless pieces of paper hanging on the wall - then we can compete again.