Comment: Root is not worth a read...

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Root is not worth a read...

For many reasons... But, my issues with this article and topic are on it's content.

Obama is:
1) A man that has openly admitted committing but not getting caught for felonies and other crimes (coke and weed).
2) A man that has actively taken part in a racist church.
3) A man that has openly associated with "domestic terrorists" from the Weather Underground.
4) Has been suspected of, with sources, of participating in various "non-traditional" sexual relationships.

And somehow you think something from college records will kill his chances? lol.

Last. Anyone who is confused enough to think it matters who wears the mantle of President is dumb enough to be ignored entirely.

If anything, it is more likely staged to win sympathy. Just like Newt's "revelation" (as I predicted at the time) was designed to actually favor Newt. And there are many other examples of this sort of thing.

It's like the interview question, "What is your worst trait or weakness?" How do you respond, some bullcrap like, "My worst flaw is that I am a workaholic." lol.

It's a setup folks. Solidify the base by having a "homosexual experimentation" revelation, or some other such non-sense.

Wake up, forget politics.

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