Comment: i don't know the answer of how to get people to open thier minds

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i don't know the answer of how to get people to open thier minds

I firmly believe there is no way one could watch this video and not be left with at the very least serious questions about the official story. This evidence is irrefutable. It is the smoking gun to mass murder and mass manipulation of the American People.

Yes it makes me want to throw up. It makes my heart hurt. It shakes everything I thought I knew my whole life.

I think most people get close to this toxic information and instinctually feel they can't withstand bearing the knowledge and understanding just how corrupt the government is. I think most people instinctually put their fingers in their ears, avert their eyes and sing la la la la purely in effort to protect themselves mentally. Mostly only the really strong can face this I think. I don't think I'm really strong because this stuff scares me to death and deeply saddens me. But it's too late for me, the genie is already out of the bottle and I can't stuff him back in. Sometimes I envy those who walk around smiling in their blissful sheople-ness. But I then I realize that I'd rather be aware and guarded and FIGHTING and YELLING about this in hope of stopping it.

You can kneel there along side the mass grave with your headphones on and your back to the gunman, Or you can stand up, take the headphones off, and try to knock the gunman back and grab his gun. Yeah you may still get shot. But, stay kneeling you die 100% of the time. Fight back and you still have a chance.